Success Stories

Capital Bank

Back-Office Development Training Program

Capital Bank is one of the leading banks in Jordan, they have undertaken a sustained effort in employee development to prepare them for the market challenges. Our customized program for back-office skills has empowered employees to seamlessly apply gained knowledge, enhancing both their professional and personal lives. The customization, aligned with the bank values and employee needs, was further supported by continuous assistance throughout the training program. Topics covered customer service, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, problem-solving, work-life balance, and stress management.

Al-Nisr Al-Arabi

Leadership program

Al-Nisr Al-Arabi, one of leading innovators in the local market’s insurance sector, embarked on an innovative journey for developing its leaders.
Al-Nisr came to us with the need to develop their team of Sales leaders. We have provided them with a training program after analysing current and desired state. The tailored program included the following topics:

  • Team Spirit: Team development stages
  • Strength-based leadership: Focusing on potentials in people.
  • The power of Influencing: the 6 factors of changing behaviours


Capacity Building Project

Ascend partners with other global leaders in medical devices, digital health, and healthcare experts. They have Partnered with Talentology for a yearly program, that covered several management and leadership areas to enhance and elevate the skills needed to continue its leading position in the market. We have designed the programs and provided experts from different areas to fulfil their needs. Some of the topics covered was Business writing, Positive thinking, Presentation skills, Time management, and Leading teams.


Call centre Handling difficult customers

Zain is a leading telecom company, approached us to enhance customer service skills. Talentology tailored the program to Zain’s values, policies, and industry insights, with pre-program discussions to identify gaps. Inspired by healthcare principles, the program successfully transformed the customer service and call center team’s approach to customers.


Future leaders Program

Fine Hygienic Company is a leader in the region with different investments and industries spanning several continents. They wanted to prepare their next level future leaders on how to become effective leader and practice practical leadership skills during their workday. We have designed the program over a period of 8 months to ensure space to practice every skill, with follow ups and evaluations for every attendee. The program was wrapped up with a final challenge for all attendee to go through different scenarios to apply the skills and evaluate their own level of improvement.


Team Building

BCI, a prominent MENA ICT solutions provider, sought our expertise for their annual event, uniting 250 employees in one beneficial yet exciting day. Our tailored activities embodied Team Bonding, Unleashing Potentials, Igniting Creativity, Energizing & Motivating, Inspiring Loyalty, and Acting as Partners. The event seamlessly blended fun and valuable lessons, enriching BCI’s team dynamics and corporate culture. BCI requested Talentology to deliver the next year’s event as well as the feedback was outstanding.

Commercial Bank

Excellence of fundamentals in customer service

Commercial Bank, a prominent name in Jordan’s financial sector, grappled with customer service issues. Our customized training program, “Excellence in Customer Service Fundamentals,” empowered their team with enhanced customer service skills. This transformation not only improved customer interactions but also enabled staff to effectively navigate personal and professional boundaries, leading to a more understanding and satisfied clientele.


Digital Promise hunt

In their quest to fulfil “Being a digital and caring employer,” Orange teamed up with Talentology. We crafted a thrilling “digital” treasure hunt. The result? A surge in engagement, shared priorities, digital fluency, commitment, and knowledge sharing. Employees understood how “digital” can be incorporated in every life aspect.


Change management in Digital transformation.

GIZ aimed to make the municipal e-services in Jordan more efficient, inclusive, and user-friendly. Talentology crafted a program named “Change Management in Digital Transformation” for selected municipalities. That covered the goals GIZ was aiming for. The program included pre-training preparation phase, implementation of the training, and Post training report that covered all the program phases and initiatives that we have taken through the training. The training material was customized for municipal-level change acceptance, community-level influence, and ministerial-level leadership.

Action Against Hunger

Business Management and Coaching

Action against hunger is an organization that works in Food Security and Livelihoods. Collaborating with Talentology in training of trainers in Small Business Management and Coaching project.
Talentology have developed and delivered a face-to-face training course to ACF staff, to equip them with the knowledge and skills required to deliver and facilitate training to beneficiaries on business establishment and management and provided them with regular coaching and mentoring. The training covered the following topics: Business modelling; Entrepreneurship; Market Analysis; Business Planning and Management; Financing Strategies & Funding Streams; and best practices for Business coaching and mentorship.


Umniah Certified Officers

Umniah telecom company, one of Jordanian prominent telecommunication companies in Jordan has requested a program to certify their potential future leaders on important skills that would lead to better performance.
Alongside the HR team, Talentology has designed a 4-month program to deliver different management and soft skills workshops. During this time other projects and challenge were asked from the participants to ensure knowledge is being transferred to their lives and job. Talentology followed carefully and evaluated each employee and at the end of the program, during the final ceremony, top performers were recognized and moved to the next development level.

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