Focus Group

Giving people a voice

Talentology conducts focus group workshops to give employees a voice in shaping company culture and values. The workshops aim to understand the current culture and employee perception of values, identify any misalignments, and gather feedback and suggestions for improvement. By empowering employees to share their insights, Talentology helps companies create a positive and productive work environment that aligns with their goals and objectives.


Assessment Centre

An assessment center in a training company is a facility or program used to evaluate individuals’ skills and potential for employment or career advancement. It involves various exercises and simulations to measure competencies like problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork. Trained assessors observe participants’ performance, leading to informed hiring and development decisions within the company.


Unlike traditional coaching models that focus on developing people’s weaknesses, our approach emphasizes that people’s “key areas of opportunity” are their strengths. To increase total performance, people must innovate most, challenge themselves most, and become most informed and intelligent in their areas of talent.
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You want the most intensive one-to-one coaching that we offer, to help you become a more powerful contributor, manager, or leader.

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